Operators of online stores, CMS, blogs or forums

The program is an indispensable tool. In a very short time you can create reports, statistics or data for further processing fully dynamic. There are many application scenarios, such as parcel label printing for logistics, newsletter marketing, backing up data, generating statistics and reports in this area, etc.

Developers and testers of Internet applications

The tool provides an interesting added value in their daily work. More complex database queries can be quickly and accurately simply click together. This saves valuable time and money. Also software testers use always enjoy the functions of the CSV export tools in testing database-driven web applications.

Wholesalers and retailers

Individual data sets can be generated. Any product data is exported from the database of the wholesaler precisely as it requires a reseller. The wholesaler operates, for example, an Oxid Online Store and resellers operates Gambio, Magento or anything else. Problems with the Kombatibilität between different online shops so a thing of the past.

Companies and policy makers

From current movement and inventory data, any data sets across multiple tables can be queried. This means: Always a current data base for quick decisions in daily business operations! And for strategic decisions all the relevant data for analysis or reporting to be provided.

Agencies in the areas of marketing, web design, consulting and data management

The Data Export Tool provides the data base for the use and treatment of high current datasets for any application scenarios. A classic example is the transfer of data from a shop system to another. The Data Export Tool generates the necessary data from the source system to the target system.

Systems for use of the data export tools

Content Management Systems

Contao CMSDrupalJoomla!Plone CMSTypo3 CMSWebsiteBakerCMS Made SimpleRedaxoSilverStripeTextpatternMODXMediaWikiWordPress – … and many others

Online Shop Systems

GambioMagentomodified eCommerce ShopsoftwareOXID eShopplentymarketsShopwarext:CommercePrestaShopxtcModifiedVeytonosCommerce – … and many others

Other Systems

ZabbixAlfrescoOpenDocManLiferayphpListphpbb – … and many others