Basis version Extended version Development version*
All systems with mySQL database
Operation using modern web browser
From any computer with Internet connection
On own webspace or external access
No programming knowledge required
Queries across multiple tables with joins
Filtering and selection of export data
Any sorting of columns
Custom column headings
Sort position of columns
Any text qualifier
Any field separator
Preview the CSV file
Preview the mySQL query
Export the CSV data
No restriction on the export data
Multilingual by UTF-8 as character set
Any further processing of export data
Blacklist and whitelist system to display selected tables
Save queries
Execute Stored queries
Data Export as XML-File
Structure of the XML file configurable
Export of mySQL query
Export data as HTML table
Export of records limitable (from-to)
Send export data as an e-mail
Multi System Support
Support for installation, setup, adjustment, e.g.


included in Version
not included in Version
* Functions are transferred to the Extended version after testing